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Color: Black
Display Type: LCD
Style: Modern
Power Source: Battery Powered
Unit Count: 1

SKU: Wall Clock-06 Category:

Embark on a captivating journey with our state-of-the-art 14-inch panoramic display clock, meticulously designed to elevate the ambiance of homes, offices, or gyms. Immerse yourself in its sleek and contemporary aesthetics, seamlessly blending modern elegance into any space.
The clock becomes a focal point above flat screens, doorways, or slim shelving units, effortlessly enhancing the visual appeal of your surroundings. Versatility takes center stage with this clock, offering a myriad of display modes that cater to your unique preferences.
Choose between the classic AM/PM or 24-hour format, revel in the details of the month, weekday, and date, or stay informed about your indoor environment with temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit, coupled with humidity details. This clock transcends mere timekeeping, becoming a dynamic and interactive element within your living or working space.
Customize your experience further by selecting language preferences in English, French, or Spanish, ensuring a tailored and personalized approach to your timekeeping needs. Transform timekeeping into an artful and immersive experience with our 14-inch panoramic display clock, where every glance offers not just the time but a visual symphony of modern sophistication.
Package Dimensions: 48.5 x 16.9 x 5.2 cm; 0.82 kg


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