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Prepare to have your socks knocked off (and then neatly organized), when you take a peek at our woven rope basket set. No more ‘permanently’ creased up, floppy storage basket here. Thanks to our unique folding method and quality rope, shaping is easy with the instructions provided!
When compared with round storage bins of the same size, our fabric storage cubes offer 28% more space every basket! That means over a gallon of extra room for each basket to hold more toys, shoes, baby blankets and dirty teenager socks.
Crafted from the highest quality material in the market, our toy bins are oh-so-sturdy and ready to take on little humans with a knack for nom-ing. They’re 100% safe, so you can rest easy if teething toddlers take a nibble.
With completely hidden handles that blend seamlessly into the rope basket, you’ll be the Houdini of home organizing. They’re even double-stitched and reinforced for extra heavy loads!
Product Dimensions: 27.94 x 27.94 x 27.94 cm; 0.21 kg


White-Beige, Blue-Gray


  1. Amy Badger

    Love these- they stand on their own.

  2. heather432

    So nice, I bought another set. The white looks really sharp and clean on bookshelves.

  3. Michelle Burns

    The way these baskets are folded to ship are wonderful and leaves no creases. I pushed out the bottom and stuffed them with pillows for a couple of days to stretch the shape back out to the boxy shape as intended.

  4. Justine Birdsell

    These bins look really nice. Would recommend.

  5. shantel thompson

    This was such a good find. I use it for storage cubes under my bed. Great quality.

  6. Sarah

    I purchased these to fill a few shelves on a cube organizer I’ve had for years. They fit perfectly and retain their shape really well. Helps to maximize space while also elevating the look of an inexpensive piece of furniture

  7. emily

    They are a little stiff and hard to keep in a square shape at first but they are very sturdy. They seem like they will last a long time. I would definitely buy these again.

  8. Meticulous

    These baskets are exactly what they are advertised as. They are well-made, and the they keep their form very well. There is no chemical odor like some of the other baskets I’ve purchased. They hold their shape and are firm if you follow the instructions provided. Very easy to assemble as well. I highly recommend them.

  9. laura shaw

    Perfect for grandbaby room!

  10. Kaylee

    Love these. I steamed them since that’s what the instructions say to do to puff them out and it worked great! They are so beautiful and soft for my daughters toy cubbie!

  11. laura boyd

    I purchased these at a time when I was converting my office into a playroom and needed to store all of my desk stuff out of the way from the kids. These baskets held a lot and the handles are strong enough to hold everything that was in them. They were easy to clean as I got some pen marks on them during the transition. 

  12. Lisa ross

    Nice cube. Made well.

  13. Anuska

    Nicely packed, easy to shape. Good quality and color as described. Recommended!

  14. Debora S. Kraemer

    They look amazing and seem well made

  15. whitney

    Great quality and a perfect size.

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